Weight Loss

Lose roughly 50 lbs and Change your Life - Next Vancouver Weight Loss Group Starts September 30

Lose roughly 50 lbs and Change your Life - Next Vancouver Weight Loss Group Starts September 30

We need 8-12 patients patients for our next Vancouver Weight Loss/ Weight Management Group starting September 30/2014.  Patients should require roughly 50 lbs of weight loss and/ or have medical reasons for losing weight. Book your free consult today to see if the program is for you.

Bariatric Medicine/ Obesity Medicine Course

Last weekend I attended the Canadian Obesity Network's obesity course in Edmonton, Alberta. The high level of care and compassion that the CON staff bring to their work is inspiring and Dr. Arya Sharma is a terrific speaker and leader in the field.  I look forward to taking part in their courses and seminars more in the future.

I am happy to say that the course helped me to realize that I am right on track with the development of next year's 9-12 month weight loss program, and I hope to start recruiting patients soon for the new year!

Dr. Ryan Oughtred

Breakfast Restaurant Recommendations for Weight Loss

Because meats and vegetables are not normally consumed at breakfasts, it can be difficult to stick to your diet at breakfast.

• Foods to avoid at breakfast:

• Breads

• Hash browns and other Potatoes

• Cereals (especially ones with sugars added)

• Muffins & Croissants

• Jams & Butter

• Yoghurt (especially ones with sugar added)

• Milk & Fruit Juices

The following are examples of typical breakfast foods that are allowable


• Ask for greens or sliced tomatoes instead of potatoes or toast

• Add vegetables: Onions, zucchini, and other green veggies are best

• Hold the cheese, or use cheese sparingly

• Egg white omelettes are not necessary, but they are certainly lower calorie choices

• Frittata

• Eggs and Style

• Cottage Cheese

• Natural, unsweetened soy milk

• Tofu

• Sliced Tomato or mixed greens can be an easy side to your eggs

• Nuts and seeds (whole or spread versions)

• No sweetened peanut butter

If you have no other alternatives:

• Unsweetened oatmeal

• You can flavour with nuts, seeds or spices

• If you need milk, then try natural soy milk or non-fat natural yoghurt

• Apples, pears, or grapefruits are okay

• Protein smoothies are okay, but most restaurant made smoothies are too sweet