Dr. Oughtred Joins Stein Medical Clinic

Dr. Oughtred is pleased announce that he has joined the team at Stein Medical clinic, in Downtown Vancouver BC.  Stein Medical Clinic is an integrative, walk in medical clinic that not only offers medical care, but also offers in-house physical therapy, massage therapy, and now with the addition of Dr. Oughtred, Naturopathic Medicine.  With this new addition, Stein Medical patients can benefit from a team approach, resulting in more efficient and comprehensive primary care.  Lets say for instance that have chronic fatigue; you can book an appointment with Dr. Oughtred, and if required you could also see an MD after your visit for further work up.  This saves you time as well as allows for a 'two heads are better than one' approach to your concerns.  If you have extended health care as well as MSP coverage, your 1-hour of services could cost you nothing and you will be well on your way to better health and well being. Both Dr. Ryan Oughtred and Stein Medical Clinic believe that a pro-active, multidisciplinary approach to patient care is the way of the future.  Dr. Oughtred hopes his presence at Stein Medical will be a step toward making the future a reality.

Ryan Oughtred

Naturopathic Doctor, Vancouver BC.