Weight Management Program Update - 6 Months

Our first group of weight management patients has completed over 6 months of the program. Each patient has >50 lbs weight loss each on average, and they are currently maintaining their new weights.  It has been my great pleasure to witness their improvements in physical function, self esteem and quality of life.  All patients have seen significant reductions in blood sugars, cholesterol, blood pressure, and other surrogate markers of health which in turn should decrease their risk for heart disease, diabetes, stroke and other obesity related conditions. 

Currently we are hard at work building everyone's long term maintenance plans and troubleshooting any future roadblocks to long term success.  For each patient, we have a list of some of the individualized drivers and causes of their initial weight gain, and over this year-long program our goal is to address these causes in order to increase long-term success. 

Weight Managment Gambling

Most members have been pleasantly surprised with how much they have enjoyed the group sessions.  A portion of the program involves calorie counting, which can be somewhat tedious and even boring for some participants; I created a card game of calorie counting to make it more interesting and fun that I think everyone enjoyed very much.  I am proud to say that we played our first game last week in which nobody needed to look anything up as we played the game!  This means that one of our long term goals - understanding the caloric content of various common foods - has been accomplished. 


Weight Management Card Game

Check the rest of my testimonials page if you want to read some of these patient success stories.  I am looking forward to starting our next group at the end of September.

Dr. Oughtred