Train like German Soccer Team = Train like Dr. O

I just read this NYT article and interview with Mark Verstegan - perhaps the world's leading trainer for elite athletes. 

Clients who know my philosophies around better physical health and performance should feel right up to speed when listening to what Mark has to say about training the German's soccer team.  I expect some "wow, we already do all that stuff with doctor Oughtred" moments!

I love the part where he explains how people used to make fun of all the hip stability work they did; off-putting exercises with bands and cables, silly positions on the floor and full body exercises that require lots of coordination are often ripe for parody in the 'old-school' fitness crowd that favours heavy weights and no pain no gain endurance sets.  Joint stability is very important, and without it you have no foundation to move.

Mark also takes a full body, complete health approach to fitness.  I like how he calls mental health 'Mindset' in order to avoid any stigma about having to be crazy in order to focus on improving how your mind operates.  Similar to how all of my patient plans are laid out, his clients get advice regarding physical therapies, diet, supplements, stretching, fitness, rest and recovery, and many more modalities to build balanced performers without any weak spots. 

It is still my hope that over time, people will come to appreciate more doctors and health professionals like Mark that are trained to to help patients appreciate all aspects of their health and performance, putting into perspective what is most important for each person.  Feeling and performing your best requires generalists and specialists...but where are the generalists for health and performance?