Lose roughly 50 lbs and Change your Life - Next Vancouver Weight Loss Group Starts September 30

If you or anyone you know would benefit medically from losing roughly 50 lbs, please come in or encourage them to come in for a free consultation to participate in our 12-month, medically supervised weight management program. 

This is not a 'quick fix', overly aggressive commercial weight loss program similar to Dr. Bernstein, nor is this a simple 'exercise more and diet' approach to weight loss.  This 44-session, evidence-based program integrates behavioural advice, dietary guidance, lifestyle advice, physical activity, self monitoring, support groups, medical supervision, and much more.  Patients can expect to lose a large amount of weight over a 3-5 month period before spending the next 7-9 months learning to maintain their new weight so that weight loss can be maintained long term.

The program starts September 30 - click here to view the brochure, or book your free initial consult online now.