Fat Stigma Fuels Weight Bullying - The New York Times

It took me years to understand the nature of weight bias and to appreciate the widespread discrimination toward obese individuals.  This NYT article highlights the reason I become so passionate about helping obese patients: because people are way more likely to care about a cancer patient than an obesity patient.  The fact that obesity has only now become a diagnosable condition in the USA and still has not become a diagnosable condition in Canada is evidence that discrimination is present in not only patients, but also physicians and policy makers.  In order to move forward, we need to break down ignorant and unhelpful beliefs that obesity is "a person responsibility problem" and that the solution is simple, "people just need to exercise more and eat less".  Bullying and shaming people for being fat does not help them, it probably makes them worse.  I look forward to seeing attitudes and public policies changing over the next decade, and I think in order to accomplish this we will have to take a much harder look at ourselves as a society in the process.