Breakfast Restaurant Recommendations for Weight Loss

Because meats and vegetables are not normally consumed at breakfasts, it can be difficult to stick to your diet at breakfast.

• Foods to avoid at breakfast:

• Breads

• Hash browns and other Potatoes

• Cereals (especially ones with sugars added)

• Muffins & Croissants

• Jams & Butter

• Yoghurt (especially ones with sugar added)

• Milk & Fruit Juices

The following are examples of typical breakfast foods that are allowable


• Ask for greens or sliced tomatoes instead of potatoes or toast

• Add vegetables: Onions, zucchini, and other green veggies are best

• Hold the cheese, or use cheese sparingly

• Egg white omelettes are not necessary, but they are certainly lower calorie choices

• Frittata

• Eggs and Style

• Cottage Cheese

• Natural, unsweetened soy milk

• Tofu

• Sliced Tomato or mixed greens can be an easy side to your eggs

• Nuts and seeds (whole or spread versions)

• No sweetened peanut butter

If you have no other alternatives:

• Unsweetened oatmeal

• You can flavour with nuts, seeds or spices

• If you need milk, then try natural soy milk or non-fat natural yoghurt

• Apples, pears, or grapefruits are okay

• Protein smoothies are okay, but most restaurant made smoothies are too sweet