Your Treatment Plan

All of our plans are patient centered and tailored toward your individual weaknesses and strengths. I call it "our plan" because there is a strong emphasis on agreement and collaboration while making a treatment plan. Once you have agreed to your plan, I write it all down for you and we get to work on helping you feel your best. Every patient wants different amounts of support from this point forward, with some patients choosing to come in once a year, and others coming in every week — you decide what works best for you. 

It can be frustrating to have your physio plan, your dietician plan, your massage therapist's recommendations, your medical doctor's suggestions, your personal trainer program, or recommendations from other health providers; and you have to figure out how they all fit together. Our treatment plan aims to be a comprehensive and seamless plan that brings together all of the best modalities in a realistic way that fits your lifestyle. I don't aim to replace your health team, I act like the glue to tie everyone and everything together and keep you on track over time.