Sports Medicine and Exercise

If you could have only one health professional travel with you throughout the year, who would it be? Dr. Oughtred modeled himself to become that person. He can manage your diet, exercise program, nutritional supplements, medications, and he can provide multiple physical modalities including joint mobilization and manipulation.  Dr. Oughtred's vision for the future includes more physicians that specialize in health and performance as opposed to disease care.

Prehabilitation: Pro-Active Therapeutic Exercise

"Prehab" applies the principles of rehabilitative medicine to the healthy athlete in order to prevent injury and enhance performance. Why wait until you are injured to improve your posture, flexibility, stability or enhance the way you squat, lunge, jump, run, push, pull or lift? It takes much less time, effort and mental anguish to prevent injury than to treat it once it has happened — and you might just feel better because of it.