Vancouver Hair Guru meets Naturopathic Doctor

I first saw Ryan as a patient based on my then trainer's recommendation.  I was experiencing numbness in my arms and hands along with neck pain.  At the time Doctors recommended pain killers and time off work as a treatment.  Massage therapists massaged and recommended I do yoga.   Ryan did an incredibly thorough analysis and was able to help a local nurse practitioner properly diagnosis my issue.   Don't get me wrong. months of doctor, chiro, RMT,  and physio visits did help put out the initial fire of pain and discomfort.   But what Ryan did went beyond all of that.  Together we mapped out a routine for me to perform at home, a diet plan and alternative exercises to the ones I was used to doing.   I was told by multiple health practitioners that I would have to give up my career as a hairstylist.  Since holding up my arms all day and repetitive motion is what was causing my pain and discomfort.  But Ryan had a different idea.   What if we could not only keep me from retiring early but also increase my performance at the sports I loved.   I was a super active guy before all the pain set in.  I enjoyed mountain biking and snowboarding.  And Hiking and gym work outs were a staple in my life.  But each of those sports performed the way I was used to all contributed to my pain and discomfort.   Ryan analyzed the way I performed athletically and at work.  

Over the years (not weeks or months!) Ryan has continuously helped me to get back to the sports I love.   He has helped me so much that I have since run a marathon (never thought that would happen!) taken up skiing and even learn to love gym workouts again.   My career as a stylist has taken off and I enjoy getting updates from Ryan on my fitness and performance.   Sure there are times when life gets in the way and I don't "stick to the plan" but Ryan has a way of nudging you back without ever making you feel bad.  He understands life's stresses and is just happy to help you along your journey to fitness and happiness.