Little Changes, Big Improvements

little changes big improvements

Ryan truly is a physician in a class of his own. Over the course of just a few months he has been able to not only asses and rectify issues that I knew were holding me back physically, the most significant one being the persistent and recurring cramp on my right leg that I’d pretty much resigned to living with. He has also found and addressed other deficiencies, that although unnoticed on my part, now that they are gone, it is clear they were hindering me from experiencing optimal health. Who would have thought there is such a thing as a Doctor who’s concept of wellness is comprehensive enough to make spot on recommendations that span from eating habits and nutritional supplements to posture corrections and customized strength training. If there is a subject relevant to health that is not within Ryan’s realm, I haven’t found it yet.
Overall the main thing I’ve learned and come to understand is that, the smallest things always support the largest.
All the little changes Ryan has seamlessly incorporated into my lifestyle have yield a big improvement in my over all quality of life.  
You ought see Dr. Oughtred!