Back and Shoulder Pain, Weight Management, Overall Health

Dr Oughtred, how do I convey to people that since working with you I have a completely different lifestyle and different desires.  I no longer have high blood pressure, I am off the path of developing type 2 diabetes, I've lost and kept off - what? +50pounds.  You helped me with stuff I just thought I had to accept because that's the way it is.  My lifestyle has completely changed, and I need to be physically active now and eat well or I feel awful...JUST AWFUL!! Both physically and mentally!  Your gentle way of encouraging me and motivating me has helped keep me active which helps for everything that gets thrown at you - when I'm consistently active I have more mental clarity and the ability to just deal.  And when I don't stick to our plan, I completely fall apart.  That you've never given up on me even when I've given up on myself...I cannot thank you enough.  I would recommend anyone go see you who wants to change their health for the better.