Kite Boarding, Fitness, Overall Health

I first met Ryan when I was just rehabilitating a serious shoulder, neck, and sternum injury. As an athlete I was concerned of my full recovery and how my injury would affect my performance in kiteboarding.  My shoulder strength was good by normal standards but was no where close to what I needed with my sport. Working with Ryan’s immense knowledge of physical therapies, fitness and naturopathic medicine, we were able to attack my sport specific weaknesses, enhance my athletic conditioning, and improve my lifestyle choices, such as my diet and rest habits.  Ryan I a doctor, but to me he has been the ultimate personal trainer. Not only did he raise my kiteboarding skills in the past, but he continues to this day to give me valuable tools to strive even farther in all parts of my health.   I can only hope other people benefit from what he has taught and shown me.