Foot Pain

When I started going to see Dr. Oughtred I was suffering from foot pain, a year after an ankle injury, which was stopping me from being able to do what I loved best... running.  I wanted him to fix that problem so I could get back to my passion.  Little did I know that I was in for a complete overhaul of my diet, physical health and lifestyle.


After Dr. Oughtred did a full assessment on all aspects of my lifestyle, I realized that I had a lot of room for improvement. He worked with me diligently to change my overall health and strengthen areas that would help me to avoid further injury and pain in my foot and ankle. It worked! I am now pain free and feel stronger than I ever have.

I like having a Naturopathic Doctor like Ryan - he sets healthy goals for me and keeps me accountable for them. He has high standards for me during workouts and helps support me in attaining those standards.  I especially appreciate that he considers all aspects of lifestyle in his work: mental health, physical health and medical health.

I am grateful for the professionalism Dr. Oughtred has brought to the care and treatment I have received from him, and I highly recommend him to others!