Back Pain and Knee Pain

low back pain prone ball

Ryan has been my trainer and Naturopathic Doctor for 6 years. His positive and caring attitude keeps me motivated, particularly as I have had recurrent back pain and knee pain, which can sometimes prevent me from exercising at my full capacity. His varied knowledge and experience has improved my strength, balance and posture, which over time have helped me become stronger and fitter. Ensuring that I continue to live an active, healthy life as I head into my fifties.    

Ryan is very skilled at assessing how my body is functioning and often uses physical therapies regularly to increase my mobility. He is also conscientious about modifying my program, choosing the appropriate exercises and stretches to help alleviate my injuries. He also pays attention to making sure that I’m doing the exercise with good form. Ryan’s humour makes my workout fun and I always leave the gym feeling invigorated, motivated and in a better mood than when I arrived.