Osteoarthritis - Pain Free and Staying Active

I am a 68 year old female trying to stay fit and healthy so that I can continue my life doing the things that I have always enjoyed doing without the pain and inconvenience of osteoarthritis and common aging issues. After years of intensive aerobic classes and running I have developed painful this and that and everything due to wear and tear and doing many exercises incorrectly. 

susan ball

I had never really been to a Naturopathic Doctor before and I didn't know what to expect. I have gone to trainers, physiotherapists, and chiropractors in Vancouver, and until I started my sessions with Ryan, nothing worked, including orthotics in my shoes, to stop the knee pain, neck and back pain that I was suffering. What did Ryan do? First of all he assessed the damage and checked my alignment, posture, strength, etc and then he proceeded to retrain me to do everything differently with the exact and proper posture. He combines my sessions with the same body prodding (therapeutic massage) that my other professionals that I have seen over the years did but he does it on a constant basis and combined with properly done exercise and stretches. 

For several months a few years ago I had a constant tingle in my neck. It drove me crazy. I went from physiotherapists to chiropractors and no one seemed to be able to fix the problem. I also went to a neurologist for an MRI which confirmed degeneration in my neck. Ryan reminded me that lots of people without pain have degenerative necks and reassured me that I could still be pain free. After a few months of Ryan giving me certain exercises and massages, my neck finally stopped tingling and I am pain free.

As far as the arthritis in my knees and feet is concerned, I manage to continue exercising and doing the Grouse Grind on a regular basis with very little discomfort because weekly, and when needed Ryan fixes me up with the appropriate stretches and massages! I hope to continue my weekly visits for many years to come.