3 Back Operations and Still Skiing Hard

I've been in Dr. Oughtred's care since August of 2005 and have seen marked improvements in both my overall health and fitness levels toward the activities I love.  

  • Recovering from 3 previous back surgeries (for spondylolisthesis), Ryan helped me regain proper posture and to use proper muscles without cheating.  
  • I had no idea that I had been performing my exercises incorrectly for years.  It's amazing how much more you get from a workout with proper form - Proper form that will benefit me well into my golden years.  
  • He keeps me injury-free for the most part, but when injuries do happen, we're on them very quickly and back in action without missing out on the things I love. 
  • I now understand what I should be eating and when I should be eating it, in order to be at my best.

Skiing is my passion, and with Dr. O's programs, I've been able to ski harder and faster than ever before.  I don't like slow, cruisey runs - I hit the mountain hard and with purpose.  Ryan's treatments and programs allow me to do just that, giving me the confidence of having the necessary overall health and fitness level for wherever I go.  

I don't feel it's overstated to say I owe a lot to Ryan and his care for me.  All I need to do is show up.  Showing up is 80%.  I recommend you show up and let Ryan let care of you too!