Naturopathic Medicine Treatments

  • Health Consultation and Proper Health Referral
  • Nutrition — Diet management, specific supplementation (with or without lab diagnostics)
  • Physical Medicine — Exercise, joint mobilization or manipulation, massage and other soft tissue therapies, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, light therapy
  • Botanical Medicine
  • Chinese Medicine — Acupuncture and herbs
  • Pharmaceuticals — When appropriate, hormones, antibiotics, analgesics or other medicines can be prescribed.
  • Counseling
  • Homeopathy
  • Injection Therapies — Prolotherapy, IV therapy, trigger point injections, vitamin therapy
  • Topical Remedies — oils, creams, poultices, etc.
  • Inhalation Therapies — nebulizers, essential oils, etc.
  • Desensitization Therapies (for allergies or sensitivities)

Not all medicines or treatments used by Naturopathic Doctors may be called natural, but all treatments are geared toward supporting the body’s inherent capacity to heal itself.