Naturopathic Medicine Treatments

  • General Health and Consultation

  • Nutrition — Diet management, specific supplementation (with or without lab diagnostics)

  • Physical Medicine — Exercise, joint mobilization or manipulation, massage and other soft tissue therapies, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, light therapy

  • Botanical Medicine

  • Chinese Medicine — Acupuncture and herbs

  • Pharmaceuticals — When appropriate, hormones, antibiotics, analgesics or other medicines can be prescribed.

  • Counseling

  • Injection Therapies — Prolotherapy, IV therapy, trigger point injections, vitamin therapy

  • Topical Remedies — oils, creams, poultices, etc.

  • Inhalation Therapies — nebulizers, essential oils, etc.

Not all medicines or treatments used by Naturopathic Doctors may be called natural, but all treatments are geared toward supporting the body’s inherent capacity to heal itself.